2017 UWCA Conference

Uintah Conference Center

The 2017 UWCA Weed Control Conference was held in Richfield, Utah, February 22-23, 2017 where the weather was cool and blustery. The conference was hosted at the Sevier County Fair Grounds. The conference was a great success! The conference has been held here before and it proves to be a great venue. All breaks were sponsored by IFA, Nufarm and DOW and both lunches were provided by Cow Country and San Rafael WorksCatering Services and were absolutely delicious! Vice-president, Dave Bingham, organized a great line up of speakers assisted by the other committee members. There were many who worked hard to arrange for great speakers. We appreciate all those who gave time and expertise and some who travelled great distances to offer presentations. There are many who work behind the scenes who worked so hard in preparing for the conference and we appreciate them greatly! Thanks to all those who attended. It was great to be with you!

The conference was well attended with 181 attendees. A good representation of Federal, State, County, USU Extension and private individuals and businesses were in attendance. We also had 9 vendors in attendance. Representatives from Alligare, CPS, DOW, Granite Seed, IFA, Norstar, Nufarm, Steve Regan and Wilbur-Ellis were available during the entire conference.

UWCA President, Kevin Bailey, welcomed conference attendees to Richfield.

2015/16 UWCA President President Kevin Bailey

Featured topics included many appropriate presentations such as ISM grant project successes, sprayer safety, sprayer calibration, weed focus areas, weed awareness, Cutleaf Vipergrass ID, invasive mustards ID, biocontrol updates, predictive weed modeling, weed control in the Book Cliffs, weed prevention, poisonous plants, ventenata biology, weed management plans and EDDMapS updates among others.

UDAF PresentationPresentation PresentationPresentation Presentation

Noteworthy events


2016 UWCA conference in Vernal, Utah

Keynote Speaker

Professional magician and motivational speaker, Zane Gray (below left), gave a very interesting and enlightening talk about being motivated to be your best at your job and whatever you love to do. Conference attendees were amazed and entertained with his magic tricks and his presentation. Several, including Ryan Cook (below right) willingly participated in the presentation.

Magic 01 Magic 02Magic 03 Keynote Speaker

New Vice-President Elect

Bruce Johnson of IFA (no photo available) was voted in by acclamation. We look forward to working with Bruce over the next several years in the UWCA Presidency.

2016/17 leadership
UWCA 2017/18 leadership, President Dave Bingham (left), Vice-President Jody Gale (right), Vice-president-elect IFA Bruce Johnson (not pictured).

UWCA awards

Congratulations to all the awards winners and a big thanks for your wonderful efforts towards weed control.

Presidential Award Presidential Award
Bill Mace (USU Extension) has given many years of behind-the-scenes service for the UWCA assisting with registration, weed studys, weed tours and many other services. Bill retired from USU in 2016 and we miss his smiling face. His daughter accepted the award in his place from Dave Bingham.
CPS, Amy Ferriter
Weed Board
Weed Board Award
Kane County. Bert Harris (right) accepts the award from Dave Bingham.
Alligare, Tony Marlow
Outstanding County Weed Supervisor Supervisor Award
Jake Forsgren, Weed Supervisor from Cache County accepts the award from Dave Bingham.
Wilbur-Ellis, Pat Brown
Outstanding Weed Worker Award Weed Worker
Scott Chamberlain (right) of SITLA accepts the award from Dave Bingham.
DOW, Clair Volk
Environmental Awareness Award Stewarship Award
Garn Christensen, a Sevier County farmer and weed board member accepts the award from a representative of IFA. Pictured left to right Dave Bingham, Garn christensen, IFA Rep. Jody Gale).
IFA Richfield
Biological Award Biological Control Award
Fred Hardman (right) accepts the award from Dave Bingham.
Red River, Hal Moorehouse


The Conference would not be complete without the support from our chemical and equipment vendors. Alligare, CPS, DOW, Granite Seed, IFA, Norstar, Nufarm, Steve Regan and Wilbur-Ellis were in attendance this year. A special thanks to IFA, Nufarm and DOW for sponsoring breaks this year.

Vendor - IFA Vendor - Wilbur-EllisVendor - Steve Regan Vendor - NorstarVendor - Granite Seed Vendor - CPSVendor - Alligare Vendor - Nufarm


Catering Catering

Conference goers enjoyed two wonderful lunches provided by Cow Country Catering (left) on day one and San Rafael Works (right) on the second day.

Door Prizes

The ever popular door prizes continued this year with some great prizes. Around a $1,000 worth of prizes.

Next Year

The tentative location for next years conference will be announced at a later time. Jody Gale is the Vice -President and is in charge of the program for the 2018 conference. Contact him at 435-893-0479 or jody.gale@usu.edu for more information.


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