2019 UWCA Conference

Utah State Fair Park Grand Building

Welcome to "Sunny St. George!" The 2019 UWCA Weed Control Conference was held in St. George, Utah, February 21 - 22 at the Hilton Garden Inn and Convension Center. Participants, all of whom were looking for some warmth, endured 3" of fresh snow and cold conditions in order to attend. As ususal, the conference was a great success! Many excellent and informative presentations were given by the experts from CSU, USU, UDAF, USDA, USDI, USFS, IFA, PMG Enviironmental and UWCA. Many of our familiar chemical and equipment reps were there as well as a few new vendors. The meals were absolutely wonderful!

Vice-president, Bruce Johnson, organized a great line up of speakers assisted by the other committee members. There were many who worked hard to arrange for great speakers. We appreciate all those who gave time and expertise and some who travelled great distances to offer presentations. There are many who work behind the scenes who worked so hard in preparing for the conference and we appreciate them greatly! Thanks to all those who attended. It was great to be with you!

The conference was well attended by 170 attendees. A good representation of Federal, State, County, USU Extension and private individuals and businesses were in attendance. Unfortunately many of our UDOT friends were unable to attend due to the statewide snow storm.

2018 UWCA Conference welcome

Featured topics included many appropriate presentations such as Utah's noxious weed laws, biocontrol updates, grant funding, PPE, weed management in crops, aquatic weeds, high tech weed control, ROW weed control and marijuana laws and regulations among others.

USU Ext. Weed Specialist UDAFFFA PresentationPresentation Presentation

Noteworthy events


UWCA President, Jody Gale, welcomed conference attendees to St. George.

2018 UWCA Conference

Keynote Speaker

Scott Nissen, of Colorado State University, spoke on building new paradigms for invasive weed management. He informed us on what causes herbicide resistance in plants and how we can avoid it.

Keynote speaker

New Vice-President Elect

Loralei Cox (below), UDAF, won the election over her worthy opponents, Cory Worwood and Rick Kent. We look forward to working with Loralei over the next several years in the UWCA Presidency.

2018/19 VP-Elect

UWCA Awards for the 2018 Season

Congratulations to all the awards winners and a big thanks for your wonderful efforts towards weed control.

Outstanding County Weed Supervisor Weed Supervisor Award
Dave Bingham (left) with Vice-president, Bruce Johnson (center) and President Jody Gale (right)
Outstanding Weed Worker Award Weed Worker Award
Scott Zeidler (inset) accepted by Keith Hambrecht (left) with Vice-president, Bruce Johnson (center) and President Jody Gale (right)
Weed Board
Weed Board Award
Daggett County, Becky Bindell (inset) with Vice-president, Bruce Johnson (center) and President Jody Gale (right)
Excellence in Industry Environmental Awareness Award
Scott Pratt (left) with Vice-president, Bruce Johnson (center) and President Jody Gale (right)
Steve Regan
Biological Award Biological Control Award
Carol Randall (left) with Vice-president, Bruce Johnson (center) and President Jody Gale (right)
Integrated Weed Control


The Conference would not be complete without the support from our chemical and equipment vendors.. Representatives from Alligare, DOW Agro, Norstar, Nufarm, Nutrien Solutions, PMG, Target Specialty Products, and Wilbur-Ellis were available during the entire conference.

Vendor - DOW Agro Vendor - NufarmVendor - Alligare Vendor - Target Specialty ProductsVendor - Bio-West Vendor - Wilbur-EllisVendor - Norstar



Conference goers enjoyed wonderful lunches each day of the conference.

Door Prizes

Door prize Door prize Door prize Prize Winner

The ever popular door prizes continued this year with some great prizes including a rifle (don't shoot yer eye out!), Dutch oven, Camp Chef, Vortek binoculars, Leatherman multitool, camp chairs, tumblers, fishing combos, cooler and more!

Next Year, 2020

VP Bruce Johnson President Jody Gale

The tentative location for next years conference will be around Utah County. President Bruce Johnson (above right) and vice-president, Jake Forsgren (above left) will be incharge of charge of the venue and program for the 2020 conference. Contact Bruce at (801) 589-6165 or bjohnson@ifa-coop.com or Jake at (435) 755-1562 or Jake.Forsgren@cachecounty.org for more information.