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Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPES) Permit
Each and every person who discharges herbicides or pesticides for a living, or is a government agency, needs to go to the link below and determine if they need to submit an NOI (Notice of Intent). If you have any questions, please contact Mark Schmitz at 801 536-4384.

USDA needs your phragmites data
Please share your phragmites mapping data and send it to Patti Sutton at USDA. Any GPS data points (.shp, .kml, etc.) with associated patch size or a simple Google map with hand drawn circles where phragmites is located and rough estimate of acres would be helpful.

Biocontrol Monitoring Forms
Information from Joey Milan and Amber Mendenhall (usucowgirl@hotmail.com). Click on the biocontrol type you are interested in from the list below. (PDF and MS Doc).
Equipment Checklist (.doc)
Release Form (.doc)
Monitoring Form (.docx) NEW 2016
Bindweed Monitoring Form (.doc)
Daubenmire Frame (.doc)
Canada thistle (PDF)
Diffuse knapweed (PDF)
Dalmatian toadflax (PDF)
Leafy spurge - Aphthona (PDF)
Leafy spurge - Oberea (PDF)
Purple loosestrife (PDF)
Rush skeletonweed (PDF)
Spotted knapweed - Larinus (PDF)
Spotted knapweed - Cyphocleonus (PDF)

Utah Weed Mapping Codes
Garmin and Magellan GPS codes. These are Microsoft documents (.xlxs) that can be printed, laminated, and attached to your GPS unit.
State Noxious Weed Codes (.xlxs)
Biocontrol Codes (.xlxs)