About the UWCA

The Utah Weed Control Association, or UWCA, was organized in 1986. It was formed in order to bring weed control issues into a greater light and to provide a forum to address ways to improve weed control in the state. The UWCA is comprised of Utah's best weed control professionals striving to implement the best weed management practices available with today's technology.

With the invasion and rapid spread of noxious and invasive weeds in United States, it's more important than ever to have trained and dedicated professionals and an informed public interested in and capable of controlling this serious threat to our society and environment.

We hope that your visit here will be informative and educational. Thank you for your interest in weed control

Current Leadership

Current officers of the UWCA in 2017 are:
President — Dave Bingham (Summit Co.)
Vice-President — Jody Gale (USU Ext. Sevier Co.)
Vice-President Elect — Bruce Johnson (IFA)
Secretary / Treasurer — Corey Ransom (USU Ext.)

The Executive Committee consists of:
Robert Hougaard — Utah Department of Agriculture and Food
Corey Ransom — USU Cooperative Extension
Vacant — Private Industry
Aaron Eager (Utah Co.) — President, Utah Weed Supervisors Association.

CLICK HERE to see listings for Past Presidents, Awards, and Sustaining Members of the UWCA.


UWCA News & Calendar Items

NEW - 2018 UWCA Conference registration is now available. The conference will be held February 20 - 21, 2018 at the Grand building at theĀ Utah State Fair Park. The address is 155 N 1000 W Salt Lake City, Utah.

Updated State Noxious Weed List
Earlier in 2016 the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food updated the noxious weed list increasing the list from 27 weeds to 54 weeds.

KIA logoKids In Action
Using biological weed control insects to improve wildlife habitat. CLICK HERE to view summer workshops 2014.

Tamarisk Coalition web site
http://tamariskcoalition.org// This new resource has been created to help connect the riparian restoration community in the West to funding opportunities, training's, conferences, events, and other educational opportunities specifically relevant to invasive species management and riparian restoration efforts in the region.

Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit
Very important information for all who discharge herbicides or pesticides. CLICK HERE for more information.

Biocontrol Monitoring Forms
Information from Joey Milan and Amber Mendenhall. CLICK HERE to download forms.

Utah Weed Mapping Codes
Garmin and Magellan GPS codes. CLICK HERE to download codes.

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