Hoary Cress
Cardaria draba

Hoary Cress adult
Hoary cress is a perennial plant commonly one to two feet tall with creeping rootstocks.
Hoary Cress rosette
Weed Infestation
Hoary Cress infestation
This plant originated in Europe. It reproduces by root segments and seed. It is commonly found on disturbed sites along road ways, field edges, and excavations. It is also a widespread weed of grain fields, cultivated fields, meadows and grows particularly well on somewhat salinic soils.
Hoary Cress flower
Bloom is in late spring with clusters of white flowers, each flower containing four petals.
Hoary Cress seed
Seed pods are heart shaped and contain two brownish seeds.
Clasping Leaves
Hoary Cress leaf Leaves are finely toothed. Upper leaves clasp the stem.