Leafy Spurge
Euphorbia esula

Leafy Spurge adult
This perennial plant grows up to three feet tall. An extensive root system, up to 20 feet long and more than 14 feet deep, with multiple shoot-producing buds, makes this plant very difficult to control.
Leafy Spurge
The leaves are narrow, one to four inches long.
Weed Infestation
Leafy Spurge
A native plant of Eurasia, leafy spurge is an aggressive invader of pastures, rangeland, stream banks, and waste areas. It reproduces by seed and rootstock. It is toxic to cattle and may result in their death.
Leafy Spurge flower
In late spring, yellow-green flower bracts appear.
Milky Sap
Leafy Spurge sap
Stems exude a milky fluid when damaged.
Seed Pods
Leafy Spurge seed pods
Seeds are contained in a three-celled capsule, one seed per cell. When dry, capsules can shoot seeds up to 15 feet from parent plant.