Poison Hemlock
Conium maculatum

Weed Infestation
Poison Hemlock infestation
Poison hemlock is a European native . It is commonly found along waterways, roadsides, field edges, and tolerates poorly drained soils. It is often mistaken for parsley and wild carrot. All parts of the plant are toxic.
Poison Hemlock adult
This biennial has a large taproot. growing six to ten feet tall
Poison Hemlock rosette
Leaves are finely divided, having a fern-like appearance. Leaf stems clasp the main stem.
Poison Hemlock flower
The tiny flowers are in umbrella-shaped clusters on the ends of individual stalks. Bloom is in late spring into early summer.
Poison Hemlock seed
Poison Hemlock stem
The stems have purple spots, especially at the bases.