Spotted Knapweed
Centaurea maculosa

Spotted knapweed adult
Spotted knapweed is a short-lived perennial one to three feet tall. The stems are moderately leaved.
Spotted Knapweed rosette
The rosette leaves are deeply lobed and may be six inches in length.
Weed Infestation
Spotted Knapweed infestation
Originally found in Eurasia, spotted knapweed infests rangeland, pastures, roadsides, or any disturbed soils. Knapweed's release chemical substances into the soil that inhibit the growth of competing vegetation.
Spotted Knapweed flower
Flowers are typically pink with spots on the flower bracts. Bloom is in early summer.
Flower bracts
Spotted Knapweed bracts
Flower bracts have black tips.