Utah's Noxious Weed List

The State of Utah recently updated its noxious weed list. As of 2016, Utah lists a total of 54 weeds on the noxious weed list. Additionally these weeds have been newly classified into the following five categories:

1A = Not known to exist in Utah. Significant risk of invasion.
1B = Limited distribution in Utah. EDRR (Former A Class)
2 = Widely distributed in Utah, considered controllable (Former B Class)
3 = Widely distributed in Utah, considered beyond control, control expansion (Former C Class)
4 = Present in Utah. Prevent distribution through Seed law

Each county in Utah may have different priorities regarding specific State designated Noxious Weeds and therefore may reprioritize these weeds as they see fit for their own needs.

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Class 1A Weeds

African Rue African rue No Image Common crupina No Image Mediterranean sage No Image Small bugloss
No Image Spring millet      


Class 1B Weeds

No Image African Mustard No Image Blueweed (Vipers bugloss) St. Johnsort Common St. Johnswort No Image Camelthorn
No Image Cutleaf vipergrass No Image Elongated mustard No Image Garlic mustard No Image Giant reed
Goatsrue Goatsrue No Image Japanese knotweed No Image Malta starthistle Oxeye Daisy Oxeye Daisy
No Image Plumeless thistle No Image Purple starthistle No Image Syrian beancaper No Image Ventenata


Class 2 Weeds

Black Henbane Black Henbane Diffuse Knapweed Diffuse Knapweed Dalmatian Toadflax Dalmatian Toadflax Dyer's Woad Dyer's Woad
Leafy Spurge Leafy Spurge Medusahead Medusahead Purple Loosestrife Purple Loosestrife No Image Rush skeletonweed
Spotted Knapweed Spotted Knapweed Squarrose Knapweed Squarrose Knapweed Yellow Starthistle Yellow Starthistle Yellow Toadflax Yellow Toadflax


Class 3 Weeds

Bermudagrass Bermudagrass Canada Thistle Canada Thistle Field Bindweed Field Bindweed Hoary Cress (small whitetop) Hoary Cress
Houndstongue Houndstongue No Image Jointed goatgrass Musk Thistle Musk Thistle Perennial Pepperweed (tall whitetop) Perennial Pepperweed
Johnsongrass Perennial sorghum ssp. (Johnsongrass) No Image Phragmites (Common reed) Poison Hemlock Poison Hemlock No Image Puncturevine (Goathead)
Quackgrass Quackgrass Russian Knapweed Russian Knapweed Scotch Thistle Scotch Thistle Saltcedar (Tamerix) Saltcedar


Class 4 Weeds

No Image Cogongrass (Japanese blood grass) No Image Dame's rocket No Image Myrtle spurge No Image Russian-olive
No Image Scotch broom